The Seven Solas of The Modern Church 1

The Seven Solas of the Modern Church:

Sola Cultura – let culture define church life
Sola Successa – Let numerical success legitimize activities
Sola Entertaina – Let entertainment be the guiding principle
Sola Edificia – Let the edifice be the center of church life
Sola Programma – Let programs dominate the peoples time
Sola Thralldoma – Let the people be enslaved by whatever thrills them
Sola Processa – Let the church be managed by business philosophies and processes

In contrast to:

The Five Solas of the Protestant Reformation:

Sola Scriptura – by Scripture alone
Soli Deo Gloria – All for the Glory of God alone
Solus Christus – By Christ’s sacrificial atonement alone
Sola Gratia – Salvation by the Grace of God alone
Sola Fide – Justification by Faith alone

Five Solas Scroll
That we may urgently return to Scripture, rightly divided, in true context, is, with sincerity, my heart cry, for genuine glory to God.

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One comment on “The Seven Solas of The Modern Church

  1. Manfred Nov 12, 2009 2:57 am

    Wow. A great contrast. I left a church in Dec 2008 that exhibited several of the 7 solas of the modern church. Fun was a guiding principle, Rather than entertainment being the guiding principle; and the church wasn’t wholesale down the broad path. But it was more than I could take.

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