Extreme Axis of the Messianic Movement

A Polite Response to Andrew Strom’s Article

by J. Jacob Prasch

My family are Hebrew-speaking Israeli Jews who believe in Jesus and retain Jewish culture. Our ministry Moriel has published three articles warning about the extreme axis of the Messianic Movement that lifts up Jewishness instead of Jesus-ness and seeks to place non-Jews under Torah and Sabbatarian observance. It is an issue also addressed in my last book.

I am not alone. Moishe Rosen (the founder of Jews For Jesus) and Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum (the leading Messianic Jewish scholars in the USA) likewise warn against this lunatic fringe, as does Professor Michael Rydelnik (Chairman of Studies at Moody Bible Institute, the largest Jewish studies department in Evangelical higher theological education). However, in addressing this problem at least two pivitol points must be kept in mind.

First of all, only a minority of believing Jews subscribe to this lunacy and other strains of the Messianic Movement are not caught up in this form of neo-Galatianism. In fact, most of those involved in this error are not even Jewish nor are they married to Jews. It is, moreover, a diasporic phenomena; there is relatively little of this nonsense among most Israeli believers.

On top if this, proponents of this extremism are stereotypically ignorant of talmudic Judaism (which is a mainly false religion) and of Jewish history (as well as of Scripture) and most cannot even speak Hebrew. I am disappointed that Andrew’s article overlooked this, seemingly implying such ignorant people are representative of the Messianic Movement broadly or of believing Jews.

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