Charismatic Chaos – Marjoe Gortner and Todd Bentley

Charismatic Chaos manifestations and preaching in the Church today. Take a look at the following two short videos¬†featuring the “ministries” Marjoe Gortner and Mr Todd Bentley – and see how and why these two ministries are linked together as such. In this short video, Marjoe Gortner explains the money making business of the False Profit… Continue Reading


Evangelical Christianity Is Fighting For Its Very Life

Hebrews chapter 4 verse 12

“It seems to me that if any one problem outstrips all of the others in the church today, it is the utter lack of spiritual discernment (which is the ability to discern truth from error regarding God and the things of God.) The church today has boundless credulity (..they’ll believe virtually anything). And the result… Continue Reading


Faith Undone (5)

“Is the emerging church spirituality part of this great falling away?”