Charismatic Chaos – Marjoe Gortner and Todd Bentley

Charismatic Chaos manifestations and preaching in the Church today.

Take a look at the following two short videos featuring the “ministries” Marjoe Gortner and Mr Todd Bentley – and see how and why these two ministries are linked together as such.

In this short video, Marjoe Gortner explains
the money making business of the False Profit

And in this short video, we look at the remarkably similar
“ministries” of Marjoe Gortner and Todd Bentley

Marjoe Gortner – when aged three years of age, his father, a third generation minister, noticed his son’s talent for mimicry and overall fearlessness of strangers and public settings. His parents claimed Marjoe had received a vision from God during a bath and began training him to deliver sermons, complete with dramatic gestures and emphatic lunges. Alas, Marjoe Gortner started as Evangelist Preacher at age 4.

Please Note: Todd Bentley video comparing his format of preaching with that of Marjoe Gortner is no longer available on YouTube accounts.

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Evangelical Christianity Is Fighting For Its Very Life

“It seems to me that if any one problem outstrips all of the others in the church today, it is the utter lack of spiritual discernment (which is the ability to discern truth from error regarding God and the things of God.) The church today has boundless credulity (..they’ll believe virtually anything). And the result is, the modern Christian church is filled with bad decisions, faulty reasoning, superficial understanding, shallow knowledge and widespread ignorance. Collectively, those things have added more anguish to the church throughout her history, than all of the persecutions combined.

Jesus said that wolves would come in sheep’s clothing.” The Apostle Paul said “grievous wolves will enter in, not sparing the flock.” Paul wrote to Timothy and said as time goes on “evil men will get worse and worse, and deceptions will increase.” Paul again said, “There will be doctrines of demons that will lead people astray.”

To put it mildly, there is a world of chaos and confusion in the church today. We cannot, therefore, believe for a moment that everyone who claims to be “in Christ” and claims to “speak on behalf of Christ” is speaking the truth, distinguishing between truth and error has become vital to the 21st century Christian. Yet, despite that, there is a greater than ever lack of discernment in the church today. And it is showing up in all kinds of different ways.

The undiscerning contemporary church, for example, has often rejected Darwin and Huxley and accepted Freud. It has often rejected doctrine and favored the embraced so-called “unity in our relationships” … as if that were the priority. It has become fascinated with entertainment and bored with exposition. it has been enamored with feelings, and undervalued clear thinking.

As a result, evangelical Christianity …and listen to this… is fighting for its very life. I’ll say it again. As a result, evangelical Christianity is fighting for its very life. And our time cries out for people with discernment… with the ability to tell the false from the true.”

Hebrews chapter 4 verse 12


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