C.H. Spurgeon Worldly Preaching – John MacArthur

Last year, I listened to the following video excerpt from a DVD entitled “Does the Truth Matter Anymore?” published by CrossTV, wherein, John MacArthur critiques worldly preaching as he reminds us of the high cost men like Spurgeon were willing to pay to stand up for strong, biblical, Christ-centered teaching – Biblical Truth. Possibly Related Posts (automatically generated)A Clarion Call to the Modern ChurchWorldliness – C.H. SpurgeonCompromise – John MacArthurThe Apathy of The Modern Church (Part 1) (Part 2)Church is to be Separate from the World

Worldliness – C.H. Spurgeon

Worldliness - C.H. Spurgeon
It is clear to every one who is willing to see it that laxity of doctrine is either the parent of worldliness, or is in some other way very near akin to it. The men who give up the old faith are the same persons who plead for latitude as to general conduct. The Puritan is not more notorious for his orthodoxy than for his separateness from the world. Liberal divines do not always command the respect of the public, but they gain a certain popularity by pandering to prevailing tastes. The ungodly world is ...