J.C. Ryle: Believers are a little Flock

This passage contains a gracious word of consolation for all true believers (Luke 12:32). Our Lord knew the hearts of his disciples well. He knew how ready they were to be filled with fears of every description, fears because of the fewness of their number, fears because of the multitude of their enemies, fears because of the many difficulties in their way, fears because of their sense of weakness and unworthiness. He answers these many fears with one golden sentence (Luke 12:32). Believers are a little flock. They always have been ever since the world ...

God is Gracious: Abortion Survivor Testimony

Gianna Jessen, saline abortion survivor, tells her story of Gods mercy and love, and why this horror called “abortion” needs to stop. Gianna asks; “If abortion is merely about women’s rights, then what were mine?” Possibly Related Posts (automatically generated)J.C. Ryle: Believers are a little Flock