Become a Slave to Christ – Jesus is Lord


  • You must become a Slave to Christ
  • Servants are Hired and can Quit
  • Slaves are Owned under Lordship
  • Be Pleasing to Him alone, the Master: Lord Jesus Christ
  • Complete and Constant Availability and Obedience

with All your heart, mind, soul and strength, absolutely everything.

  • When you Confess Jesus as Lord – you Confess yourself as a Slave
  • “Take up your Cross” and “Die to self”  is Slave talk!

Salvation in Christ

Romans 1:1a (doulos) Paul, a slave of Christ Jesus.

Doulos: a slave, bondman, man of servile condition. 1a a slave. 1b metaph., one who gives himself up to another’s will those whose service is used by Christ in extending and advancing His cause among men. 1c devoted to another to the disregard of one’s own interests.

Strong, James: The Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible