Answers in Genesis: Deluged with Noah’s Ark inquiries

As we continue to be wary of this most recent-of-claims about the Ark’s discovery, Answers in Genesis points out that creationists need to apply the same standard as we attempt to do when examining evolutionists’ “proofs.” For example, we often note that the evidence of so-called “ape-men” is based on fragmentary evidence, and often ends up discarded by evolutionists themselves when they realize that they misinterpreted the scant evidence (as we are now seeing with last year’s much ballyhooed “Ida”). To be consistent, this principle of careful and rigorous interpretation of the evidence needs to be employed by creationists when they examine a claim that a Turkish/Chinese group has found what is declared to be the remains of Noah’s Ark. Without seeing the entirety of the evidence for this claim and noting that what has been provided to the public in the form of a video and photos have not been conclusive (even where the photos were actually taken is in question now), we remain cautious (even more so than earlier this week) as we make our final determination. Frankly, we are somewhat surprised that experts from the leading creationist research groups (such as ICR, AiG, CRS, etc.) were not given the opportunity to carefully examine the evidence directly (rather than simply through photographs and videos) so far obtained before such a confident conclusion was publicized to the world last weekend.

What also makes AiG so cautious about the latest report is that we have heard such claims several times before, even as they were made by people who described themselves as Bible-believing Christians. Some “discoveries” were eventually dismissed as structures of geologic origin and were not of wood. The “crying wolf” syndrome has already kicked in this week, as non-believers are dismissing this Ark claim as yet another bogus one. The creationist movement in general will have its credibility undermined further if this Ark-remnant is shown to be a fraud, and thus the testimony we seek to have in the world will be hindered.

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