Decisional Regeneration

Decisional Regeneration James E Adams

The history of the Christian Church has seen many errors concerning the new birth. These teachings depart from Scripture by attributing to man the ability to regenerate himself. When these false concepts of man and the new birth are adopted, churches soon become corrupted with false practices.

Is The Contemporary Gospel Another Gospel Preached

Is The Contemporary Gospel Another Gospel Preached

The contemporary gospel produces altogether different results to the historic Biblical gospel.

During the 20th century, there were two major developments in relation to gospel preaching.

Christian Tradesmen

Christian Tradesmen Business

Christian Tradesmen. It is highly incumbent upon them to take care against a worldly spirit.

They are in extreme peril of losing the power of godliness from their hearts, and joining the number of those, of whom it is said, in the expressive language of Paul, that “they mind earthly things.”