Beware The Shack

Beware The Shack, by author, John K. Langemann, compares the biblical God with the god created by the imagination of the creator of bestselling book “The Shack,” of which features in a Christian Bookshop near you!

Millions of people around the world have been seduced into believing that the god of The Shack is the same god as the God of the Bible. Beware the Shack compares the real, biblical God with the one created by the imagination of the creators of The Shack.
John K. Langemann, Author of Beware The Shack

“I am the only ‘god’ there is. I have to fix things, make sure things turn out right, try to get a handle on people and events… and frankly, I do a very poor job for it… this playing god thing.”
William P. Young, Author of The Shack.

“I have written volumes of imaginations in my own head, things that have no substance, no reality, and are empty, vain imaginations. But I treat them as if they are real.”
William P. Young, Author of The Shack.

Excerpt from an article entitled; ‘Implications of “The Shack” in our time,’ by author, John Langemann:

I read “The Shack” after a Gospel artist told me that reading the book had changed his life because he had received insights about God and His love that he never had before.

After reading the book, I could not sleep that night. I had never before read such a clever insidious attack on the Trinitarian God, His Holy Word, the Bible, and on His followers, Christians. What made it especially distressing for me was that the attack was made from within Christendom and under the guise of being “Christian”.

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Beware The Shack

graphics used with permission from the author : John K. Langemann