Books I have read in order to discern the postmodern emergent darkness teaching and practices that have sadly increased in the church.

Books that cover all important topics: Entertainment in the Church; Emergent Church; Gospel Truth; Liberalism; Pluralism; Postmodernism; Pragmatism; Seeker-Friendly; New Age Philosophy in the Church.

Books Girded with Truth

Ashamed of The Gospel: When the Church Becomes Like the World

Book Ashamed of the GospelJohn MacArthur’s book “Ashamed of The Gospel: When the Church Becomes Like the World” challenges the seeker-sensitive, user-friendly, entertainment-oriented pragmatism that all too evidently permeates the church today.

In the late 1800s, Charles Spurgeon warned that the church was drifting away from the purity of the gospel, candy-coating God’s Word rather than boldly proclaiming the truths of Scripture. As a result, Christianity’s influence in nineteenth-century England was severely weakened. One hundred years later, John MacArthur, troubled by the seeker-sensitive movement and an emphasis on pragmatism within the church, sounded the same alarm with the first edition of Ashamed of the Gospel (1993).

In this newly revised and expanded edition of Ashamed of the Gospel (2010), Pastor John MacArthur gives an overview of developments in the seeker-sensitive movement since his book was first published in 1993. New material traces the line of pragmatic philosophy from the seeker-sensitive movement through the emergent phenomenon, explaining why the latter is a philosophical heir of the former—and an even greater danger; chronicles the failure of pragmatic approaches to church growth; and emphasizes the importance of evangelicals solidly committed to biblical doctrine rising to positions of leadership.

Books: Warnings to The Churches by J.C.Ryle - Girded with TruthWarnings to The Churches

J.C. Ryle




Books: Deceived on Purpose by Warren Smith - Girded with TruthDeceived on Purpose

Warren Smith




Books: The Emergent Church - Undefining Christianity by Bob DeWaay - Girded with TruthThe Emergent Church

Bob DeWaay




Books: The Truth Way by John MacArthur - Girded with TruthThe Truth War

John MacArthur




Books: Faith Undone by Roger Oakland - Girded with TruthFaith Undone

Roger Oakland




Books: Wonderful Deception by Warren Smith - Girded with Truth

A Wonderful Deception

Warren Smith




Books: This Little Church Went To Market by Gary Gilley - Girded with Truth

This Church Went To Market

Gary Gilley




Books: This Little Church Stayed Home by Gary Gilley - Girded with Truth

This Church Stayed Home

Gary Gilley




Books: For Many Shall Come In My Name by Ray Yungen - Girded with TruthFor Many Shall Come in My Name

Ray Yungen




Books: A Time of Departing by Ray Yungen - Girded with TruthA Time of Departing

Ray Yungen



Books – Be like the Bereans – Test all things.

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