Decisional Regeneration

Decisional Regeneration James E Adams

The history of the Christian Church has seen many errors concerning the new birth. These teachings depart from Scripture by attributing to man the ability to regenerate himself. When these false concepts of man and the new birth are adopted, churches soon become corrupted with false practices.

Is The Contemporary Gospel Another Gospel Preached

Is The Contemporary Gospel Another Gospel Preached

The contemporary gospel produces altogether different results to the historic Biblical gospel.

During the 20th century, there were two major developments in relation to gospel preaching.

Superficial Shallow Gospel Presentations

Weak, self-centered, trivial, superficial, shallow gospel presentations do not bring people to a true knowledge of the gospel, do not bring them to true salvation, but they make some kind of response to that superficiality and when there is no real transformation in their lives, they depart thinking that they’re inadequate understanding was an adequate …

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