Bought with the Precious Blood of Christ

For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body.  1 Corinthians 6:12-20

The hope of a resurrection to glory, should keep Christians from dishonouring their bodies.  And if the soul be united to Christ by faith, the whole man is become a member of his spiritual body.  Our bodies have been redeemed from deserved condemnation and hopeless slavery by the atoning sacrifice of Christ.   We are to be clean, as vessels fitted for our Master’s use.  Being united to Christ as one spirit, and bought with a price of unspeakable value, the believer should consider himself as wholly the Lord’s, by the strongest ties.  May we make it our business, to the latest day and hour of our lives, to glorify God with our bodies, and with our spirits which are his.

Devotional J.C. Ryle (1)

J.C. Ryle’s Daily Devotional book entitled “Daily Readings – From All Four Gospels” [published 1998] available from Here is an excerpt from the ‘evening’ devotional for today with scripture reference John 1:14-18 The main truth which this verse teaches is the reality of our Lord Jesus Christ’s incarnation or being made man. John tells …

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Repent and Believe the Gospel of Good News

And what is the prescribed response? Is it to walk down an aisle? Is it to fill out a card, or to lift up a hand? Is it to make an appointment with a preacher, or to decide to be baptized and join the church? While any of those things may be involved, none of …

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