Interview with John MacArthur – Shepherds’ Conference 2010

John MacArthur, in this video, interviewed by Rick Holland at the 2010 Shepherds’ Conference httpv:// Topics include the inception of Shepherds’ Conference, Scripture, Atonement, Baptism, and Worship.

Are We Christians? Or Are We Worldlings?

“Woe to those who are at ease in Zion!” Amos 6:1 What do we say to . . . our self-indulgence, our sloth, our love of ease, our avoidance of hardship, our luxury, our pampering of the body, our costly feasts, our silken couches, our brilliant furniture, our gay attire, our braided hair, our jeweled …

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Do not Be Fooled – Do not Waste Your Life

The Pew Won’t Save You. Are You Wasting Your Life? httpv:// Excerpt of a sermon delivered by Bob Jennings. Don’t Be Deceived. Don’t Waste Your Life. Wasting Your Life In The World Is a Sign of False Salvation. Enter In at the Narrow Gate Matthew 7:13-15 “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is …

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The New Heart Is To Be Of True Righteousness and Holiness

Ephesians 4:24