China Military Worlds Largest Prepares Long Range

The following excerpt is of particular interest upon recollection of hearing such a message during a Bible conference some 10 years ago.

This report is an indication of the fact that China is ready to fulfill the 6th vial judgment found in Revelation 16:12. That judgment will be the kings of the east which will include China, the kings of the east making their way to Jerusalem to join the other armies of the world Zechariah 14:2 under the leadership of Antichrist, Satan, and the False Prophet as they will try to destroy Israel and stop the Messiah Jesus Christ from coming back to Earth. China’s military will lend its activities to all the world’s military conflicts as foretold in Revelation with a proliferation of wars and rumors of wars that Jesus said would proceed His coming.  Matthew 24:6-7

Report may be read at source Here