Humility (2)

Many people have a false impression of the purpose of humility. They believe that it is a means by which we gain “approval” by God. That, by their “acts of humility,” they will earn a place in heaven. But this is totally backwards! Until we are saved, we are spiritually dead and unable to do what pleases God! We can’t even begin to have genuine humility until our relationship with God has been restored – until we have been made alive in Christ – because we are dead in sin.

False (man-made) religion(s) focus on trying to gain acceptance from God by human efforts. True acceptance, in contrast, is made available only by what Jesus did on the cross, not by our own actions! Our actions (including our humility) come as the result of the change that Jesus made in our hearts; they are the fruit of our salvation, not the cause of it.

The humility that comes from God is the result of what God has done in our heart, and as a result, it is pleasing to God, for His glory.