Pastor Suzanne Hinn: Esther Gathering Conference 2009

“Pastor” Suzanne Hinn, wife of Benny Hinn, who recently filed for divorce (February 1, 2010), features in this video preaching “ministering” at “Esther Gathering Conference 2009”

“Pastor” Suzanne Hinn, alongside her assistant LeeAnn Pendergrass, releases “Fresh Oil” upon the leaders.

Afterward, “Pastor” Suzanne Hinn prophesies to Pastor Pepe Ramnath and his wife Pastor Angela Ramnath with regard to the “mantle” of anointing for “deliverence” as that of Smith Wigglesworth.

Concluding with “laying on of hands” “carpet time”

*** UPDATE *** Wednesday, February 24, 2010 – the video was removed from MCCINT