Peter Popoff is back!


Not to be taken with a pinch of salt!

Peter PopoffThe False Profit – is back!

Peter Popoff – The False Profit

Rev? Peter Popoff – Televangelist Faith Healer Miracle Worker Charismatic Signs and Lying Wonders Evangelist Preacher – exposed as a fraud in the 1980’s, subsequently, declared bankruptcy and disappeared.

Now, Popoff is back with a new deal — free Miracle¬† Spring Water complete with a napkin featuring¬† a religious picture and all important sachet of miracle working salt, of which one must follow the enclosed instructions; sprinkle over ones cheque ‘offering’ before posting it off to Profit Popoff!

Popoff proclaims “It’s your obedience to the instructions of the Prophet of G-d that works the miracle

And the millions $$$,¬† once again, bankroll in to the lucrative Popoff “ministry”!

This short video includes clips from the 1980’s exposing Popoff’s wife in the back room reading from the most interesting prayer cards, completed by each person prior to entering the auditorium, into a microphone which then transmitted directly, via an earpiece, to Prophet Popoff during his “miracle crusades”