Spurgeon on Religious Pluralism

A thousand lying religions may sleep peaceably in one bed, but wherever the Christian religion goes as the truth, it is like fire brand, and it abideth nothing that is not more substantial than the wood, the hay, and the stubble of carnal error. C.H. Spurgeon

Read the book of God for yourself. “But some men do read it and arrive at one opinion, and some maintain the opposite, and thus they contradict themselves, and yet are equally right.” Who told you that? That is impossible. Men cannot be equally right when they contradict each other. There is a truth and there is a falsehood; if yes be true, no is false. C.H. Spurgeon

Christ’s gospel has not come into the world to be co-equal with other faiths and share a divided kingdom with differing creeds. False gods may stand face to face to each other in one Pantheon, and be at peace, for they are all false together, but when Christ comes, Dagon must go down, not even the stump of him must stand. Truth is of necessity intolerant of falsehood, love wars with hate, and justice battles with wrong. C.H. Spurgeon

C.H. Spurgeon (1834-1892)