Spurgeon Quotes on Obedience

You are God’s creature, and yet you have rendered to Him no obedience! You would not keep a horse or a dog that did not do you some service, or follow at your whistle.  C.H. Spurgeon

That obedience which is not voluntary is disobedience, for the Lord looketh at the heart, and if He seeth that we serve Him from force, and not because we love Him, He will reject our offering.  C.H. Spurgeon

The very essence of obedience, I have said, lies in exactness. Probably your child, if sometimes disobedient, would still, as a general rule, do what you told him. It would be in the little things that thorough-going and commendable obedience would appear. C.H. Spurgeon

Things non-essential to salvation are nevertheless essential to obedience.  C.H. Spurgeon

You and I must be willing to do what God tells us, as God tells us, when God tells us, because God tells us, but only strong faith will be equal to such complete obedience. C.H. Spurgeon

Some Christians are very curious, but not obedient. Plain precepts are neglected, but difficult problems they seek to solve.  C.H. Spurgeon

Do what the Lord bids you, where he bids you, as he bids you, as long as he bids you, and do it at once.  C.H. Spurgeon

Love is the chief jewel in the bracelet of obedience.  C.H. Spurgeon

Obedience rendered without delight in rendering it is only half obedience.  C.H. Spurgeon

It seems to me that half the beauty of obedience consists in obeying the command at once.  C.H. Spurgeon

No man is really saved unless he is in his heart obedient to Christ.  C.H. Spurgeon