The Happy Man

The happy man was born in the city of Regeneration

in the parish of Repentance unto life.

He was educated at the school of Obedience.

He has a large estate in the county of Christian Contentment,

and many times does jobs of Self-denial,

wears the garment of Humility,

and has another suit to put on when he goes to Court,

called the Robe of Christ’s Righteousness.

He often walks in the valley of Self-Abasement,

and sometimes climbs the mountains of Heavenly-mindedness.

He breakfasts every morning on Spiritual Prayer,

and sups every evening on the same.

He has meat to eat that the world knows not of,

and his drink is the sincere milk of the Word of God.

Thus happy he lives, and happy he dies.

Happy is he who has Gospel submission in his will,

due order in his affections,

sound peace in his conscience,

real Divinity in his breast,

the Redeemer’s yoke on his neck,

a vain world under his feet,

and a crown of glory over his head.

Happy is the life of that man who believes firmly, prays fervently,

walks patiently, works abundantly,

lives holy, dies daily,

watches his heart, guides his senses, redeems his time,

loves Christ, and longs for glory.

He is necessitated to take the world on his way to heaven,

but he walks through it as fast as he can,

and all his business by the way is to make himself and others happy.

Take him all in all, in two words,

he is a Man and a Christian.

“The Happy Man” is taken from The Happy Man – The Abiding Witness of Lachlan MacKenzie (Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1979), p 5. Reprinted from the volumes transcribed by Mr James Campbell and published in 1928 and 1930.