The Pope and The Papacy (Pt 1) – John MacArthur

Motivated by money, it invented Purgatory. And by the way, Purgatory is what makes the whole system work. Take out Purgatory and it’s a hard sell to be a Catholic. People hang in there because of the deception of Purgatory. Purgatory is the safety net, when you die, you don’t go to hell. You go there and get things sorted out and finally get to heaven if you’ve been a good Catholic. Take away that safety net, that’s a hard sell because in the Catholic system you can never know you’re saved, you can never know you’re going to heaven. You just keep trying and trying, as the priest said on the television program the other night, we are all engaged in a long journey toward perfection. Well if you’re engaged in a long journey toward perfection, it’s pretty discouraging. People in that system, guilt-ridden, fear-ridden, no knowledge of whether or not they’re going to get into the Kingdom, the threat of a mortal sin which throws you back out again. And the only thing that makes it work is Purgatory. If there’s no Purgatory, there’s no safety net to catch me and give me some opportunity to get into heaven. It’s a second change, it’s another chance after death. I can’t buy into this. So they had to invent Purgatory. It’s just too much without it.


The harm of indulgences, selling forgiveness for money. The false gospel of works. You participate in your salvation by your good works. The abomination of idols and relics, prayers for the dead, the perversion of forced celibacy. And so it goes. But at the top of the pile of all of this is the amazing, amazing Papacy. And the Pope is the one at the top of the Roman Catholic Church who has, in a word, usurped the headship of Christ over His church.

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