What Must I Believe?

Standing on the foundation of Scripture is a body of truth that you must believe. If you reject that body of truth, you are not a Christian.

  • First, can we agree that a true Christian is someone who embraces those truths by faith?
  • Second, which of those truths are the subjects of evangelical sermons, books, and media today?
  • Third, what can we do (as individual Christians) to see that evangelicalism is characterized once again by proclaiming all those truths faithfully? In other words, what can we do to restore the evangel to evangelicalism?


“You must believe in His substitutionary death on the cross as a perfect sacrifice with no sin in His own life, He was not a sinner and He didn’t go to hell to suffer for His sins, as the Word Faith Movement says. He was a perfect spotless Lamb. He died there, though He didn’t deserve to die, as a perfect substitute. He atoned for our sins which are imputed to Him that His righteous life might be imputed to us. He was raised from the dead, conquered death for us.”