Kundalini Spirit

Kundalini Spirit Infiltrated Christianity? Kundalini Spirit and Charismatic Chaos in the Church. The Kundalini Spirit manifestations and meaning examined with Charismatic revival manifestations. I have been looking at the possibility that a Kundalini spirit, possible the main or head spirit, has masked itself as Christian and infiltrated many charismatic circles and is now in full …

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Todd Bentley is Word of Faith

Todd Bentley is Word of Faith heresy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZuADtH2N6s “One on the ministries that impacted me was Kenneth Hagin, who had visions, he was an early influence in my life” Todd Bentley. Source: YouTube Channel “CharismaticChaos“

Charismatic Chaos – John MacArthur

Charismatic Chaos in the Church. For those who desire to know and understand the truth regarding the charismatic movement, head over to John MacArthur’s sermon series entitled Charismatic Chaos (freely available to download).   Sincerely hope that these messages will help your understanding of the movement and the inherent danger to one’s faith. Furthermore, highly recommend …

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