Steadfastly Fixed On Him – Augustus Toplady

Steadfastly fixed on Him. If anything can awake astonishment, and inflame our gratitude, it must be that mystery of love, God manifested in our nature, and made man, to bleed and die for our salvation. That He should condescend to be sold for thirty shekels of silver; to be apprehended and condemned as a malefactor; …

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Truth Sincerity of Mind Compared to Girdle

Girded with Truth Sincerity

Truth, which means sincerity of mind, is compared to a girdle; which girds on all the other pieces of our armour, so as to be girded about with truth.

Now, a girdle was, in ancient times, one of the most important parts of military armor. Our attention is thus directed to the fountain of sincerity; for the purity of the gospel ought to remove from our minds all guile, and from our hearts all hypocrisy.