Steadfastly Fixed On Him – Augustus Toplady

Steadfastly fixed on Him. If anything can awake astonishment, and inflame our gratitude, it must be that mystery of love, God manifested in our nature, and made man, to bleed and die for our salvation. That He should condescend to be sold for thirty shekels of silver; to be apprehended and condemned as a malefactor; …

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Arminianism The Road To Rome!

Arminianism of Rome Whose Voice Do You Hear? “My sheep, saith Christ, hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me; and I give unto them eternal life, and they shall never perish. O, most worthy Scriptures! which ought to compel us to have a faithful remembrance, and to note the tenor thereof; …

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Righteousness of Christ – Augustus Toplady

As Christ’s righteousness is the only merit that can exalt us to the presence and to the kingdom of God; so that doctrine alone is to be considered as evangelical which depresses the righteousness of man, and exalts the righteousness of Christ: leading us to trust, not on what we do, but singly on what He has done and suffered for us.

Augustus Toplady

Augustus Toplady. I fear he is a man who has never been fairly estimated. Ministers of his decidedly, sharp-cut, doctrinal opinions are never very popular.

His correspondence shows that he was on intimate terms with Lady Huntingdon, Sir R. Hill, Whitefield, Romaine, Berridge, Dr. Gill, Ambrose Serle, and other eminent Christians.

Augustus Toplady biography by J. C Ryle: The Christian Leaders of England in the Eighteenth Century (Published August 1868).