Faith Undone (4)

The Evangelization of Eucharistic Adoration

The Roman Catholic Church has a plan to establish the Kingdom of God here on Earth and win the world to the Roman Catholic Jesus – the Eucharist Christ.  It is believed the “triumph of the Eucharist” will be accomplished when the world (including the separated brethren) come under the rule and reign of Rome and the Eucharist Jesus.  The presence of “Christ” in the Eucharist is the second coming, Roman Catholic style.

The Emerging Church is the bridge to Rome.

The Kingdom of God on Earth

The Bible says that Jesus Christ will establish His kingdom when He returns to Earth.  But today, a theology called Kingdom Now or Dominionism is permeating the walls of Christianity, and the emerging church movement is taking this heretical belief full speed into the next generation.  With the idea that the church can establish the Kingdom of God before Christ returns and essentially turn our world into a Christian world, thus, this belief system has literally changed the way countless Christians view the world and go about their Christian living.  What most don’t realize, seemingly, is this Kingdom of God on Earth mindset is an all out effort by satan to merge together the religions of the world and thus negate the true gospel message.

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