No Will But Thine

Jesus, ’tis my aim divine, Hence to have no will but thine, Let me covenant with thee, Thine for evermore to be: This my prayer, and this alone, Saviour, let thy will be done! Thee to love, to live to thee, This my daily portion be, Nothing to my Lord I give, But from him …

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Thy Word is a Lamp Unto my Feet

“Your word,” says the Psalmist, “is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” (Psalm 119:105). It is like a lantern, which sheds light on our path, amid the darkness of the night, to direct the steps of our feet. The sincere Christian will therefore search the Word of God, for a …

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True Humility of A New Heart

True Humility believes that one is seen as righteous before God based on Christ’s work alone

Humility (1)

Genuine humility doesn’t draw attention to itself, so it has a tendency to be overlooked by people. Of course, there are times people do not see it, because it is truly absent. But perhaps the greatest problem for many is that they have a false or distorted idea of what humility is. And this misunderstanding …

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