J. C. Ryle on False Pastors

J C Ryle on False Pastors : Those who think that unsound ministers ought never to be exposed and held up to notice, and men ought never to be warned against them, would do well to study this passage. John 10 The Good Shepherd and His Sheep. No class of character throughout our Lord’s ministry …

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C.H. Spurgeon: The Broken Fence

A religion which is all excitement, and has little instruction in it, may serve for transient use; but for permanent life-purposes there must be a knowledge of those great doctrines which are fundamental to the gospel system. I tremble when I hear of a man’s giving up, one by one, the vital principles of the …

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Jellyfish Christianity

Jellyfish Christianity Evanjellyfish J C Ryle

One plague of our age is the widespread dislike to what men are pleased to call dogmatic theology. In the place of it, the idol of the day is a kind of jellyfish Christianity – a Christianity without bone, or muscle, or sinew, without any distinct teaching about the atonement or the work of the …

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