Unity or Uniformity

“The promotion of unity at the expense of truth is satanic; it is demonic; it is not true unity. It is not the unity of the Holy Spirit for He is the Spirit of Truth. The Scriptural command which we have in Ephesians to promote the unity of the Spirit and the bond of peace is given to those who have a common foundation of truth.   Truth by its very nature divides.  Where you have appeal to unity at the expense of truth all you can produce is uniformity.”

– William Webster

10 Signs You May Have Entered The Emergent Church Zone

Emergent Church Zone: short video by Doug Eaton who points out ten specific signs that a church has entered the postmodern zone of pragmatism. Emerging churches haved Emerged in denial of the whole counsel of God rightly divided.  Instead, fresh expressions and new ways of doing church omitting the Truth of the Word of God unto those who are lost resultant in cast adrift on the sea of confusion.

10 Signs You May Have Entered The Emergent Church Zone


Discernment in Dark Age of Deception (1)

Too often people wrongly claim that if an author writes a book, or a preacher preaches a sermon, that no one is permitted to make judgments about the contents of these teachings without first asking the author’s or preacher’s permission. Paul did not ask Peter’s permission to publicly rebuke him nor did he ask Hymenaeus’ …

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