Oprah Spirituality – Eastern Mysticism Repackaged For The West

The Dangers of the New Pop Spirituality Oprah Spirituality: How Eastern Mysticism is Being Nicely Repackaged and Deceiving Millions as a New Spirituality. Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Rhonda Byrne teach pantheism to Oprah’s audience. Presented by Pastor Bob DeWaay of Twin City Fellowship – CICministry, with excerpts from “Faith at Risk” seminar. Romans 1:25 “They changed …

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Why Evangelicals are Returning To Rome – Bob DeWaay

Bob DeWaay believes that the seedbed of this disenchantment within evangelicalism involves several factors, and includes the seeker sensitive movement.

Catholic Mysticism In The Emerging Church

Richard Bennett, a former Roman Catholic Priest … “Catholic Mysticism and the Emerging Church may be one of the most important topics that we have addressed. Catholic mysticism has helped mightily to transform the New Age Movement from being counter-culture to being embraced by Evangelicals, and Western civilization as such. Catholic mysticism has affected almost …

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A Call Back To Truth

An interview, conducted September 2007, with theologian John MacArthur, about the state of the church, heralding a call back to truth of the pure Word of God (Proverbs 30:5-6), of which is a timely reminder with regard to today’s Emergent Church “Emergence Christianity” … A Call Back To Truth While Martin Luther called the church …

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Beware The Shack

Beware The Shack, by author, John K. Langemann, compares the biblical God with the god created by the imagination of the creator of bestselling book “The Shack,” of which features in a Christian Bookshop near you! Millions of people around the world have been seduced into believing that the god of The Shack is the …

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UK Warnings of Mysticism Reported in 2004

From The Times : November 4, 2004 Spirited away: why the end is nigh for religion Christianity will be eclipsed by spirituality in 30 years, startling new research predicts. Our correspondent reports on the collapse of traditional religion and the rise of mysticism. In the beginning there was the Church. And people liked to dress …

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