Vatican: Secret Payment by Irish Catholic Church

Irish Catholic church paid child sex abuse victim to keep quiet. News of deal overseen by bishop of Derry adds to abuse scandals surrounding Catholic churches in Europe. The Catholic church in Ireland was today embroiled in another child abuse scandal after revelations that a victim was paid to keep quiet in a deal overseen …

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Vatican: Defiant Irish Cardinal in Silence Victims Scandal

Storm over revelations that cleric helped to silence victims of paedophile priest By David McKittrick, Ireland Correspondent Tuesday, 16 March 2010 The head of the Catholic church in Ireland yesterday rejected growing pressure to resign over his involvement in the country’s latest clerical child abuse scandal, insisting that he would stand down only on the …

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The Bread of Life Without Crumbs

The nuns who have traditionally made communion wafers are threatened by Polish, and, worse, American competition. The New York Times ran a remarkable story about a Rhode Island bakery which has captured 80% of the market for communion wafers in the US, Canada, and even here and Australia. The Cavanagh company’s wafers are truly ecumenical. …

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Vatican: Limit the Word of God to 8 minutes

Catholic clergy have been advised by the Vatican to keep the word of God brief in order to cater to short attention spans. The book of Genesis says God created the heavens and Earth in less than a week. Now, Catholic clergy are being asked to follow suit and keep their sermons to under eight …

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Why Evangelicals are Returning To Rome – Bob DeWaay

Bob DeWaay believes that the seedbed of this disenchantment within evangelicalism involves several factors, and includes the seeker sensitive movement.