Faith Undone (1)

A New Kind of Church

Leaders of the emerging church say drastic changes must take place because the church can no longer be effective with old ways and an old church.  We need a new kind of Christianity if we are going to make a difference in people’s lives and the world around us.  But just what is this new kind of Christianity?

The Birth of the Emerging Church

Contrary to what many believe, the current emerging church movement was not initiated by a group of disillusioned young people.  In reality, the movement was largely the inspiration of a successful business guru whose ideas on an emerging church were catapulted into existence by other successful businessmen, and thus it became the influential religious force it is today.  Backed by multi million dollar corporations and entities, its very core has been influenced dramatically by those with mystical affinities.

A “New” Faith for the 21st Century

The Word of God is under attack.  According to emerging church leaders, the Bible is not so much for truth and doctrine as it is for hope, ideas, and participation.   In other words, don’t use the Bible as a means of theology or absolute truth and standards by which we live; rather than the Bible molding the Christian’s life, let the Christian’s life mold the Bible.