Tony Blair Faith Foundation

During the last twelve months, I have spoken on several occasions with regard to the significance of “Interfaith” and the new “Tony Blair Faith Foundation.” Last year, May 2008, Tony Blair launched the all new and embracing ‘Tony Blair Faith Foundation’ – of which, he proclaimed; ” I will build up a New Adam “ …

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Nicky Gumbel Alpha Course and The Pope

Nicky Gumbal Alpha Course and The Pope. Nicky Gumbal’s Alpha Course is delivered to the Anglican Church and the Roman Catholic Church alike.

Nicky Gumbel has admitted that the sections in Questions of Life about baptism and holy communion were carefully scripted to enable them to be used by Roman Catholics and Protestant Evangelicals alike.

Faith Undone (3)

Ancient-Future Worship The emerging church embraces multi-sensory worship.  While many are bewildered as to why their churches are darkening their sanctuaries, setting up prayer stations with candles, incense, and icons, the promoters of the emerging church movement say they know exactly what they are doing by practising mysticism through music, rituals, worship and offering. and …

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Faith Undone (2)

Riding the Emerging Church Wave How far is this new kind of church willing to go to reach its objective?  Emerging church proponents say there is a new wave taking place and we have to hop on.  The wave is a Vintage Christianity, which in reality is an experience based religion.  Experience must be implemented …

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Faith Undone (1)

A New Kind of Church Leaders of the emerging church say drastic changes must take place because the church can no longer be effective with old ways and an old church.  We need a new kind of Christianity if we are going to make a difference in people’s lives and the world around us.  But …

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