St Patrick’s True History – Grace

St Patrick The Christian Evangelist

Patrick, born in the year 373 AD, was not Roman Catholic. Indeed Ireland itself was not Roman Catholic. Ireland did not know Roman Catholic Church of Rome Papacy rule until the year 1172 AD. Henceforth, the Papacy mercilessly subjected the people of Ireland to the papal “dark age.” St Patrick’s Day is a global celebration …

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Vatican: Secret Payment by Irish Catholic Church

Irish Catholic church paid child sex abuse victim to keep quiet. News of deal overseen by bishop of Derry adds to abuse scandals surrounding Catholic churches in Europe. The Catholic church in Ireland was today embroiled in another child abuse scandal after revelations that a victim was paid to keep quiet in a deal overseen …

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Vatican: Defiant Irish Cardinal in Silence Victims Scandal

Storm over revelations that cleric helped to silence victims of paedophile priest By David McKittrick, Ireland Correspondent Tuesday, 16 March 2010 The head of the Catholic church in Ireland yesterday rejected growing pressure to resign over his involvement in the country’s latest clerical child abuse scandal, insisting that he would stand down only on the …

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